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The difficulty for an entrepreneur in the world of pizza is to always have a constant product.
How many times have we heard “the pizza chef has changed”?

GLDM solves this problem by preserving the figure of the pizza chef as the spectacular nature of the preparation, seasoning and cooking is not lost.

Another strong point is the practicality of management, in fact it is enough to place the balls in the pizza boxes for a period of 15/20 hours at room temperature and they will be ready to roll out.


Pizza Napoletana


Worked following the centuries-old Neapolitan tradition which makes the dough soft and easily digestible. Characteristic of true Neapolitan pizza lies in its simplicity of only 4 genuine ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt.

Pizza Multicereali


Dough obtained with soft wheat flour to which wholemeal flours and other cereals are added, such as sunflower, rye, flax, barley, sesame and wheat. In addition to bringing various health benefits, cereal flours give a particular flavor to pizza, rustic and pleasant.

Pizza Carbone Vegetale


A dough with a distinctive color, which produces a high, crunchy and well-budded edge. Vegetable charcoal helps the digestion of leavened products. It is well suited to gourmet presentations.

Base Pizza Glutenfree


Gluten-free dough with the same Neapolitan culture and philosophy

Semi-finished fried foods

Ready in a few minutes. Zero waste.

All you need to do is fry them.

According to the centenary tradition of Neapolitan street food.

Cacio Pepe omelette or customized recipe


Rice arancino with ragu


Potato and mozzarella croquettes


Calzoncino stuffed with tomato and mozzarella


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